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Dinosaur Eggs

Dinosaur Egg Dig Kits   Improve The Hand-on Ability Toy Set For Children.

Darrel o Slime

  • barrel o' slime toy
  • Material TPR and plastic
  • Color red, yellow, blue, orange, white, black

Wooden Eggs Puzzle

  • Super Huge Size Dinosaur Egg Toy:kids need two hands to hold it, combining dinosaur egg with dinosaur puzzle, all kids love it! Random one dinosaur egg from 6 different colors of eggs, and each egg contains one random dinosaur puzzle from 12 different dinosaur puzzles.
  • Great as Easter Egg Toy for kids, toddlers:This egg will definitely be the most shining one in you Easter basket, jumbo size and surprise dinosaur puzzle inside!

Magic Coloring Book

  • Water paintings total 5 pages, 4 pages can be painted.
  • Before using the water brush, soak the pen for a few minutes, and then easily paint after the pen is softened.
  • The brush can be filled with tap water without pigment
  • After daily use, you can wipe it off with a rag. After drying, close the picture to prevent the album from being damaged.
  • The water painting is discolored in contact with water, but it cannot be soaked in water.
  • After painting, you need to wait for the picture to dry before you can close it.
  • If the water brush is not used for a long time, please pour the water clean and save it.

Cute Animal Pad

  • Cute post-it sticker N times label sticker bookmark note
  • 100% new high quality, high style.
  • Cute sticker stickers N times stickers and bookmark stickers.
  • Fresh and cute N times stickers, free, casual, cute and cute,
  • High quality paper is thick and durable! Good viscosity,
  • can be used repeatedly and repeatedly.
  • Pure mood, good greetings in this little blessing sticker.

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